It’s going to be a long winter and we can use all the DIY projects we can get our hands on! Luckily, not all home improvements don’t require sunshine and warm weather. In fact, since most people push projects to the warmer months, contractors tend to have better availability and renovation costs can even be less during the winter with some professionals offering discounts and savings during their slower season.

These home improvements and DIY projects should keep you productive and busy inside your home this winter:

Paint The Walls
A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference! Painting in the summer isn’t always ideal because of the humidity and the heat. Winter is the perfect time to add a pop of colour to your walls and bring the sunshine in to cozy up your space. The best part about paint is that it’s easy to change if you decide to go for another colour or try something bolder. Create a plan, find some inspiration, grab a few cans of paint and transform your space this winter!

Upgrade Your Windows

Replacing windows during the coldest months of the year might sound like a bad plan, but it’s actually pretty smart! Aside from the initial cold during the installation, you’ll save more money up front and in the long run by ensuring your windows are properly sealed to keep the heat in and the cold out when it matters most.

Change Up Your Hardware
Swapping out cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can have an immediate impact on your space. Most people overlook these minor details but for a small cost, they can make a big difference. Try a bold colour or a unique finish and watch the space transform before your eyes.

Insulate The Attic And Foundation
Attics suck out a lot of energy in the home and if yours isn’t insulated properly, it can cause you to lose all the heat you’re paying a premium for. Plus, who wants to be working up there in the dead of summer?! Heat can also escape through your foundation so insulating both during the winter will help you reap the immediate benefits and lower your energy costs.

Switch Up The Lighting
Changing light fixtures in your home is another way to easily create dramatic change. Not only do old lighting fixtures present a safety hazard, they also severely date your space and might be holding it back from its full potential. The brightness, colour and shadow from a new light can do wonders in making a room feel more energizing or on the opposite end of the spectrum, more relaxed and cozy. The winter is the perfect time to experiment with these changes since the sun sets much earlier so you’re left relying on indoor lighting a lot more than at other times of the year.

Consider making the switch to LED lights while you’re at it to reduce your energy consumption and your environmental impact.

Finish The Basement
Finally getting around to finishing your basement is always a good idea! Whether you’ve got plans for an additional bedroom, a game room, home gym or new office space, you can never go wrong by adding more living space to your home. It’s a great project to take on in the winter because the lack of other activities or events means it’ll hopefully be done quicker and cost less than it would in the warmer months so you can truly maximize the value.

If you’ve been itching to start a renovation project, we’re here to remind you that you don’t have to wait until it gets warm! The winter is the perfect time to get inspired and make small (or big) changes that will positivity impact your living space, energy consumption and mood. Looking for more tips/tricks and professional expertise? Contact us to learn more about how to make the most of your space.