Brokers, even those who are just starting out, understand that not every client will be an easy one. As with any transaction, a mortgage transaction can be met with skepticism, price comparisons, uncertainty and a number of questions. When dealing with a financial commitment (such as a home purchase or refinance), some clients can be challenging – and rightfully so. It’s their money after all. Here are some tips for winning them over.

Make It About More Than A Sale

People don’t want to feel like just another number, so build a rapport with your client from the get-go. Learn more about them beyond just the surface level. Before getting straight down to business, start the interaction with general conversation. How was their weekend? How was their child’s recital? Make note of different pieces of information they share so you can ask about it at a later date.

When it comes to discussing business, ask them more than just qualifying questions and make sure those questions are open-ended. In the case of a refi or purchase, ask what goals they hope to accomplish, what their concerns are and what they expect from you. Touch on each goal and tell them how you can help. Manage their expectations from the beginning. Address each worry with reassurance and a plan of attack. Be clear with them on the process and what to expect so they can be prepared ahead of time and have a smoother process.

Make Them Your “Only” Client

Obviously it’s best for your businesses to have more than one client at a time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make each client feel like they’re your only one. Be quick to respond, calling them back or replying to their emails within 24 hours. Follow up and check in, ask for feedback and always thank them for their business. All of these things will make your client feel valued – and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Show What Makes You The Best – Even If It Isn’t Price

If you have the best prices of any business out there, you may think you have an easy sell. However, price isn’t always the be-all and end-all for every client. This can be good news if you don’t have competitive prices. People buy from people and businesses they like – those who listen, communicate and treat them like more than just a number. Following the aforementioned tips will help with that. People will also buy from businesses that were recommended to them by people they trust. Ensuring top-notch experiences for current clients helps create positive reviews and referrals . People also care about how you’re helping out and giving back to your local community. Make sure to use your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to highlight your community efforts. Don’t forget to include your community involvement on your website, too.

Build Your Brand

If you can successfully build a brand that is recognizable and speaks to your business’s values, services, personality and mission, you’ll be able to win over your clients before they even pick up the phone to call you. Make sure your brand is cohesive, explains what you do, speaks to your clients and what’s important to them, and easily shows what is important to you, too.