Despite the fact that we often overlook our front doors, they do a lot for our homes. From providing security to improving energy-efficiency, they are the first touch point with guests and they have a lot to say about our personality and style preferences. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression so why not take the time to choose a front door style and design you love?

Popular Front Door Styles

There are plenty of different door styles to choose from depending on your design preferences, how the door needs to function and how it will complement the style of your home. Learn more about each style and what it conveys so you can pick the one that’s best suited for you:

Traditional Style

The traditional style door is one of the most popular and common. It can come in a variety of materials like fiberglass, wood or metal, but what sets it apart from other doors is that it doesn’t have any glass on the door itself, and instead, has an assortment of raised panels and patterns to give it depth and texture. Keep in mind that you won’t get any interior light from this style of door, so if a bright, light entryway is what you’re seeking, this may not be the best choice. Overall, homeowners with a traditional door tend to also have traditional homes and value organization, simplicity and conventionalism.

Modern Style

A modern door emphasizes clean, straight lines and typically has a minimal glass panel in the centre of the door and tends to mimic the principles and characteristics of contemporary architecture. Homeowners with a modern door likely appreciate minimalism and tend to be more forward thinking.

Craftsman Style

As the name suggests, this style of door originated on Craftsman style homes but has since gained a lot of popularity. This style is often instantly recognizable by its glass panes near the top or bottom which are separated by trim or molding. You’ll often see these doors on cottages or homes that are surrounded by nature as they provide a great view of the surrounding scenery. Two of the most common type of craftsman doors are shaker and mission style and they are usually made of wood or fiberglass. Homeowners with a Craftsman-style door tend to love and appreciate nature, symmetry and the scenery around them.

Ornate Style

This popular and elegant door style draws a lot of attention to a front entrance. It’s designed to feature an ornate glass shape in the middle of the panel but has the detail carved in wood and includes no actual glass. It’s a popular choice with contemporary and colonial homes. Homeowners with an ornate style door tend to appreciate the small details and may prefer antique design.

Rustic Style

Most commonly seen on homes that feature wood, stone or brick, these doors are minimalistic in design, but feature raised panels or a few small windows near the top. These doors tend to be popular on cottages or cabins as well as rustic style homes. Homeowners with this door tend to have an affinity for nature, enjoy spending time in the wilderness and appreciate simplicity.

Arched Style

While other door styles can also be arched, the arched-style front door is known to be specially ordered and handcrafted to give it a look that sets it apart from others. This style can be a bold statement piece so homeowners who choose this option tend to have a good eye for design and can be best described as eclectic.

Spanish Style

If you’re looking to add some extra flair to the front of your home, a Spanish-style door may be the right choice for you. It’s inviting and artistic, and incredibly mysterious, featuring dark wood and intricate designs on the center panel. Homeowners who choose a Spanish-style door may be considered risk takers and adventurous by nature.

Colonial Style

A colonial-style front door is typically found on colonial-style homes. It features paneling, side lights, flattened columns on both sides of the door and a decorative crown over the front. Homeowners who choose this style of door tend to be organized, traditional and refined.

Cottage Style

Looking like it was scooped straight out of the English countryside, the cottage-style door is designed to mimic historic architecture. They’re typically arched and crafted to feel cozy and welcoming. They can be found in cottages, lake houses and sprinkled into your neighbourhood on homes with similar styles. Homeowners who choose a cottage style door may also be on the lookout for an adventure and tend to be creative and whimsical individuals.

Barn And Farmhouse Style

These doors combine rustic and industrial elements with an emphasis on wood paneling and natural colours. They evoke a feeling of comfort with a country twist and can be well suited for both rural and modern environments. Homeowners who prefer this style of door are tuned into the latest trends and also appreciate classic design elements and the great outdoors.

Tudor Style

Tudor-style front doors are often easily recognizable by their rounded tops that come to a small point in the middle. This style is most popular on Tudor-style homes as it evokes a gothic feel. Homeowners who choose a Tudor-style door are refined but are known to veer from traditional expectations from time to time.

Choosing A Front Door Style

Learning more about different door styles is a great first step in choosing the right front door for your home. When you’re making your decision, consider the style of your home, what you want your door to represent and what colours and materials would be best suited. The best part about doors is they’re never permanent and are very easy to remove and re-install should your tastes or preferences change over time.

Best Selling Front Door Color

Colour is a great way to personalize your front door. With a large variety of paint and stain options to choose from, you can keep it simple and neutral with a black or white, match your door to your home’s exterior or go bold with a complimentary pop of colour. If you’re curious about what other homeowners are choosing, the most popular colours overall are black, grey, red, dark blue, and natural wood.


If you’ve been looking to refresh your current home and improve your curb appeal, choosing a new front door can be a great, budget-friendly option that has the potential for big impact. Be sure to review all your material, style and colour options in advance and don’t forget to have fun choosing a new front door to compliment your home!