There are plenty of quick and budget-friendly upgrades you can make to your home that will increase its value and help you build more equity over time. Not every project you tackle in your home needs to be a major renovation, though. Sometimes smaller, more thoughtfully planned updates can have a big impact on your home’s value without having a big impact on your wallet.

If you’re already an avid DIYer, you’re likely saving money regularly by taking on tasks around the home you’d normally outsource. Whether you have the skills (and the tools) to DIY regularly, or you’ve never even painted a wall in your life, these creative and simple home updates are more than manageable. With the right planning and a little patience, you can transform different areas of your home and give your space some upgrades that will not only save you money up front but will also increase in value in the future!


A quick paint job is a great way to refresh and liven up any room in your home. Cover up drab, aged walls with a brilliant new colour or start fresh with a neutral colour. Paint has the power to transform the mood and vibe of your space, so choose wisely when it comes to colour options. Whether you’re looking to add a bright pop of colour to one wall or modernize with a basic neutral, you can change the way your space feels on a very low budget with a few cans of paint. Decide what mood and emotions you want to evoke in your space and then choose colours accordingly.

New Light Fixtures

New lighting fixtures can drastically transform a space into something brighter, lighter and welcoming. If you find your rooms have little natural light, consider strategically placing floor or table lamps to create the mood you desire. If you have outdated ceiling fixtures, replace them with something more modern. Whether they’re small accent ceiling lights or big focal point pieces, you can never go wrong updating these fixtures as they can change the entire look and feel of a room.

If you already have light fixtures you love, consider choosing different lightbulbs to set the tone for a new vibe in your space. Decide if you want a cozy, warm light or a bright, natural light in your space before you go bulb shopping. This is also a great opportunity to upgrade to a smart bulb system if you’ve always wanted to make that transition.

Update Cabinetry

Nothing dates a kitchen or bathroom quite like a set of old, dingy cabinets with worn out hardware. While tearing out your entire cabinet system in either room can get very expensive and messy, changing out the hardware is a quick and simple update that can have a big impact on aesthetics. Whether you’re decorating with a country chic vibe, a modern flare or an eclectic twist, there are tons of options available when it comes to cabinet pulls and knobs. Think about which metal might look best in your space and use that as a starting point.

If you’re on a budget but you feel like your cabinets need more than a hardware upgrade, you may also consider removing the doors and refinishing them with a fresh coat of paint.

New Molding

Crown molding can instantly transform your room by adding charm and character that you simply can’t achieve with paint. It’s a notoriously tedious project but luckily, there are now products on the market to make things a bit easier for the average DIYer. Trimroc moulding from Canamould Extrusions is a lightweight polystyrene foam coated in hard plaster so it cuts easily with a handsaw and is simple to install with a joint compound; no difficult angles or ragged joints.

Upgrade Landscaping

We’re often so focused on renovating the interior of our homes that we forget the value an exterior refresh can add to our living spaces. While not all of us have been gifted with a green thumb, there are plenty of projects you can take on in your front and backyards that will increase your curb appeal and add value to your home. DIYing some raised garden beds or visiting your local greenhouse to pick up some flowers/plants are simple ways to get started. Be sure to take note of what type of growing conditions you have in different areas of your yard(s) so you can speak with someone at the greenhouse about which plants are best suited based on the area and sunlight exposure. Think of your outdoor space as a canvas for your creativity. Beautify your front walkway with new plants and mulch or add character to your backyard with a home garden and stone pathway. There’s no wrong way to approach landscaping, just make sure you do your homework and ask for help when you need it.

Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Unfortunately, popcorn ceilings aren’t exactly a thing of the past just yet, as they were all the rage in the ’60s and ’70s. If you’ve found yourself living in a home that was built around that time, it’s likely you still have one of these ceilings in your space. Used as a quick way to hide imperfections, these ceilings can hold onto dust and cobwebs and could be hiding some less-than-perfect patches. Choosing to remove a popcorn ceiling will pay off big time in the long run by modernizing your space. Before you decide to move forward with this DIY task, you’ll want to do a scrape test and learn more about what this project entails as you’ll need to make sure you approach in a safe manner.

Add Visible Storage

Choosing to build additional storage solutions in your home is always a win-win. With so many beautiful options to choose from on the market today, you can customize something that suits your storage needs without compromising your style. Whether it’s open shelving to update a kitchen or a set of DIY built-in bookshelves in the living room, there are plenty of ways to incorporate visually attractive storage on a budget.

Paint Tiles

A solid set of measurements and a few cans of paint is all that stands between you and updating your old flooring on a budget. If you find yourself with a floor that just isn’t meshing with your decor/style and refinishing isn’t an option, you can take things into your own DIYer hands and opt for a re-paint. This low cost project takes some time to complete, but whether you’re painting the floor a solid colour or choosing a more involved pattern like a checkerboard, it can have a big impact without requiring a complex skill set.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space so if you’re not able to knock down a bunch of walls and create an open concept layout, mirrors are the next best thing. Mirrors, when placed opposite windows, reflect light into the room and make the room seem more open. So, if you find yourself with a claustrophobic room that could really use a makeover, consider how you can strategically use mirrors to give the illusion of a brighter and more airy space without taking on any major renovations or breaking the bank.

Update Window Treatments

Windows bring so much light into our spaces, but they’re often overlooked when it comes to updating a room. Just because your windows are newer, doesn’t mean they can’t bring even more value to your home with a quick refresh. Choosing window treatments can be a source of stress for a lot of homeowners who aren’t sure what styles to pick or how to really leverage that area from a design perspective. Whether you go with a bold curtain panel, beachy white sheers or a minimalistic bamboo shade, your options are endless. If you’re not sure where to start, use your home’s colour scheme as a jumping off point.

We all want a super cozy, well-designed home but not all of us have the DIY skills (or tools) we need to make it happen on our own. Thankfully, these 10 upgrades can help you add value to your home without breaking the bank. The best part? No major renovation skills required! Get inspired and start making your list of projects for 2022 that will lend value to your home over time and go easy on your wallet in the short term.