This year has likely had you spending way more time than usual in your own home, and as a result, you may be starting to notice that your space just isn’t as suitable for working from home as you’d like. Prior to the pandemic, most of us used our home offices for studying, online finances, playing games, finding recipes or just relaxing with a show on Netflix. Oh, how the times have changed! Now some of us are spending upward of 8 hours per day working from home in our offices. Whether your space is newly renovated or an organizational disaster, these 10 tips to upgrade your home office will help you revise your work space and make the changes necessary for you to feel more productive and happy when you’re there.

Invest In Tech

Most common office problems have an easy tech-based solution. Slow connection? Upgrade your internet package. Hard time juggling multiple tasks on your laptop? Invest in an additional monitor. Consider your usual routine and what problems arise during your work day. Then look into tech-based solutions that could help solve those problems.

Optimize The Space You Have

Whether you’ve got a full room to yourself or you’re carving out a spot in your basement/living room, the key is to define the space as a work zone. Put up a divider if you can, don’t get in the habit of relaxing in this space and clearly communicate the need for a separate work spot to all members of the household. Remember, at the end of the day a good office only needs three main things: a desk, a chair and a space for storage.

Organization Is Key

It doesn’t matter how big and spacious your office is, if it’s disorganized it’ll still feel tiny and under-utilized. Start by asking yourself what items you need to reach for and grab quickly on a daily basis. Set up your space so those items are always close by. Once you assign a space for something, get in the habit of always putting it back where it belongs so you don’t lose things and you become more accustomed to your setup. Whether you install shelves to lift things off your desk or invest in a system of storage bins/cubes, keeping your space tidy will have a huge effect in your productivity.

Comfort First

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a chair that hurts your back or working at a desk that strains your neck. Investing in a proper chair that suits your body and a desk that pairs well with it can make a huge difference in your mood and productivity.

Lighting Matters

Often times, lighting is overlooked for work space, but in reality, it has a huge impact on our moods and our eyes. Natural lighting is always best, so try to utilize that when possible. If your office is in the basement or somewhere without a window, invest in the proper lighting to make the space brighter and reduce your eye strain.

Decor For The Win

How you decorate or accessorize your home office can have a big effect on your mood and the general vibe of the space. Add some plants, consider a diffuser for essential oils and include some of your favourite artwork to help you feel calm and at ease while you work.
It’s more important than ever to have a comfortable and organized work space in your home. Take some time this winter to upgrade your current space and improve your productivity and your mood. Interested in improving your home in other ways? Contact us today!